Sunday, 22 January 2012

My Favourite Writing Advice

I just read this blog article

It contains the best piece of writing advice I've read: 'Become more awesome.'

It made me laugh because it's simple, obvious and very true. I'm trying to become more awesome. Every word I write, every book I read and every seminar I attend is directed towards this goal. 'Become more awesome' serves as a reminder that I'm trying to reach this goal; it is now my mantra.

Become more awesome!


  1. Here's to awesomeness in all your writing projects!

    Thank you for your blog comments yesterday - sorry I cannot reply in detail as Blogger will not let me post comments on my own blog right now, or even re-read the comments left. Ah, the wonders of technology!

  2. Thank you and you're welcome :-) I've had a few issues too - just screen freezes, mainly, so not too bad. Hope your blog starts behaving soon!

  3. Great advice :)

    I've been having blogger/commenting issues too. I'm so glad to know its not just something I've done or not done. I'm technically challenged . .


  4. ...I agree, great advice!

    Bookmarked that site, well done, Hayley ;)