Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Writing is Going Pretty Well: How Do I Keep Up the Momentum?

Ah, that is the question! It's no secret that I have mental health problems which make it difficult for me to stay motivated, but I suspect keeping going would be a problem for me anyway. After an unusually productive period, there comes a point when writing requires more effort and making a effort requires more energy.  Then self-doubt takes root and I lose confidence in what I do write.

One of my strategies for combatting this malaise is keeping a portfolio of my work in display books. These are expensive, so help me to value my work and polish my stories before I put them in my portfolio. I then have a record of my work that I can re-read to inspire me - whether the inspiration takes the form of thinking 'actually, I can write quite well' or 'I can do better than this crap!'

The other advantage of using display books is they are very heavy and bulky. In case you're wondering, this is my display book of choice. I can see and feel how much effort I've put into my writing and feel compelled to keep writing.

I've also been trying to keep up momentum by giving myself deadlines (see prevous post), reading about writing, reading stories that inspire me and doing writing exercises. I'm worried my motivation will dry up completely.

What do you do to keep momentum or reinvigorate your writing? I need help!

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