Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Cultivating Stories

I finally submitted my dissertation proposal (thank you everyone for the supportive comments on my last post) and am now back to focusing on writing short stories. Work is slow. Very slow.

However, I have a couple of ideas that I'm cultivating. They're just germs or grains of sand at the moment, but I hope they will gather material and develop into flowers/pearls - pick your favourite metaphor! It's difficult to acknowledge progress when my writing is going slowly, but I'm excited about these ideas and they interest me a lot.

So far, each idea has acquired a couple of characters. I haven't worked anything out in great detail, but I'm curious and want to get to know all of these characters. That's a good sign, right?

I'm often convinced that nobody but me will ever find my writing interesting/entertaining/thought-provoking. I like writing the kind of stories I like to read and know other people like those kinds of stories, but I've no idea whether mine will ever measure up. I keep working in hope, as opposed to having faith that people will like my work.

So I will keep going. I will work on those two ideas and let them develop. I wish progress was faster/better, but nothing worth having is ever easy, right?


  1. If you find the idea interesting and want to follow it wherever it goes, I think that's a really good sign! You never know how your ideas will touch other people, but it's better not to worry about that yet, and just write.

    I am a slow worker myself. It does become frustrating, but over a period of time you'll find that you've built up a good portfolio of things. Keep going!