Thursday, 29 March 2012

Taking a Break - from Stress, Not Writing!

I had my last MA seminar yesterday; I have just over a month to complete the assignments for this term's two modules, then I will do my dissertation over summer. It's gone terribly fast! It's also left me feeling exhausted.

I think it's important to relax a little now - being stressed 24/7 does neither me nor my writing any favour. I'm still working, but I'm not pressuring myself to meet any deadlines (other than my assignment deadline of 2nd May). I tend to work well under pressure, but it's hard to stop pressure from overboiling and resulting in a mess!

I'm interested to see what effect this will have on my writing - it's an experiment I've never tried before. I'm just going to follow my nose, working on my current projects and exploring new ideas. Wish me luck!


  1. Why did you put laziness as one of the tags on this post? You've been working very hard and now you're tired. NOT LAZY. don't give yourself such a hard time. thats our job. I enjoyed your post btw. What was the best thing about doing the MA (and the worst)

    1. I know, I'm bad... I think a lot of the trouble is my leisure reading and educational reading has blurred so completely that if I spend a day reading, even if it directly informs my work, I feel like I'm slacking! Plus not being able to measure thinking time with any degree of accuracy makes me paranoid that I'm being lazy... I promise to try to be easier on myself in future!

      The worst thing about the MA is the cost; though I am finding it good value for money and got £1000 off the fees because I graduated at the same university last year, my credit card and overdraft are feeling the strain. The cost of books is also a big expense, especially as I live 25 miles away from campus and my local library is tiny.

      The best thing is getting feedback from both lecturers and my fellow students. I'm becoming gradually more confident in my work and they've given me some great ideas for developing projects. I've also read a lot of books I wouldn't normally have come across and have started to be more adventurous in my own writing. Being around like-minded people is reassuring too, since I'm the only one in my circle of friends who wants to be a writer. It's easy to feel like I'm wasting my time chasing a crazy dream when everyone I know has a "proper" job!