Tuesday, 1 May 2012

I Haven't Been Abducted by Aliens!

Neither have I been participating in a reality TV show, whisked off on an exotic holiday nor locked in a dungeon. The reason for my not posting is banal: I was working on assignments.

I had 2 essays, a 6000 word story and 30 page screenplay extract to get done. I was pretty well organised, but still managed to get incredibly stressed. For the past few weeks, the assignments have been foremost in my mind and when I went to my friends' house on Saturday, not having a draft next to me felt like an amputation.

Anyhoo, I handed the assignments in yesterday and am trying not to obsess over whether they are good enough. I feel strange: exhausted, slightly hyper and empty. I suppose I'm also relieved, but it's not one of my foremost feelings.

I don't know what to do with myself - not in an 'I'm bored and have nothing to do' way, since I have several bits and pieces on my To-Do List and loads of dissertation work to be getting on with - but in an 'I don't have an immediate deadline and having nothing to stress over feels weird' kind of way.

I'm trying to relax for at least a few days; reading books not directly related to my MA, baking, chilling out in front of the TV, watching some DVDs, wasting time on internet games, freaking out my dog by cutting her claws... I hope I start to feel more normal soon, whatever 'normal' is!

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