Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The Home Strait...

My dissertation is due a week on Friday, though I aim to post it a week today (cheaper, easier and less stressful than driving to campus through roads full of holidaymakers). I have finished the essay and am concentrating on the fiction component, seven Gothic short stories that are loosely linked. I seem to be tweaking rather than making major changes; I'm not sure if that's a good sign or not.

Deadlines have to be met, so I feel a mixed dread and elation when I 'complete' a story in time. Although my dissertation deadline marks the end of my Masters, it's also the beginning. I now have the tools needed to try and embark on a writing career - no excuses. The stories I am preparing for submission will be reworked and polished several times over - regardless of whether I am lucky enough to get them published.

No wonder I feel torn. Next week might be the end of a year's intense work, but it's the beginning of my life's work.


  1. Well done Hayley! Coming to the end of a long term project is often a time of mixed feelings, but how exciting that you have completed the dissertation and can decide what to do next. I love the sound of your stories, and very much hope that you will get them published. x

  2. Thank you, Joanne :-) I hope my head will be clearer once it's done and handed in - though I doubt it will be!

  3. You've worked so hard, Hayley, and are such a dedicated writer. And I'm sure the tweaking is a very, very good sign that your assignment is virtually complete now.
    Although this is a beginning as well as an end, in many ways you've already embarked on your writing career with this amazing body of work. You should be massively proud of your passion for writing and the great rewards it will bring you. I know I would love to read your stories.
    It's been a year of immense pressure and intensity, one which many writers would not have been able to cope with at all. It's marvellous that you've kept going all the way through. I'll be really interested in how things go from now on, so keep us posted. Congratulations on reaching this stage of your career and enjoy looking forward to years of great writing. x

  4. Thank you, Joanna :-) It's going to feel weird, being out of education after 4 years as a student. I will definitely keep you posted.