Tuesday, 18 September 2012

MA Hangover

It's been 3 and a half weeks since I submitted my dissertation, yet my brain is still scrambled. I'm exhausted and am trying to fight off my second cold since I finished. In theory, I am motivated to get ahead with Writing Proper but it's not going well...

My current strategy is to tie up a couple of loose ends, i.e. short stories I drafted before  my dissertation took over my life. One is in surprisingly good shape, though it needs more description, imagery, sensory information. etc. to achieve a better balance. The other was a mess with a good story buried in the middle. I redrafted it last night, but suspect it will need several more reworkings to produce something decent.

I also plan to spend this week freewriting and generating ideas. I don't know if I need to reconnect with writing and I wouldn't say I'm stuck for inspiration, but it's something productive that doesn't put pressure on me. Maybe I'll be able to think straight by next week...


  1. I think you're wise, Hayley, not to put too much pressure upon yourself at the moment. It's not at all surprising that you're very tired.

    Taking your own time instead of having deadlines feels a bit strange at first, but it's liberating - and inspiring - once you get used to it. Give yourself plenty of time and well done for tackling those stories. Don't forget to have some leisure time as well. Good luck and keep us posted. x

  2. Thanks, Joanna. I was forewarned: my friends who have done MAs said they're really intense and you feel really weird afterwards. Trouble is, you can't be fully prepared for those things!