Thursday, 25 October 2012

Great Blog Post on BPD

This comes under the 'waffling' portion of my blog, since it's obviously not related to reading or writing, but it is an important issue. I have written about my experiences with mental illness (particularly in this post), in part because I believe that the stigma aurrounding mental illness will never end unless sufferers speak out.

So I was both gratified and disappointedto read the post Borderline personality disorder and institutionalised discrimination on the Time to Change blog. It's a fantastic post that highlights one of the problems faced by many people with BPD. As someone with BPD, it saddened me but made me glad that the author has spoken out about mental health professionals who discriminate against BPD.

I've never faced BPD-specific discrimination from NHS workers - everyone I've dealt with in recent years has been fantastic - but the misinformation and discriminatory attitudes on the internet (and in other media) do upset me. There is a tendency to label people with BPD as attention seekers who cause trouble because they are selfish and spiteful. This isn't true. I hope lots of people read the Time to Change blog and realise that experiencing BPD is difficult and people with BPD don't deserve to be discriminated against.

By the way, I love the comment from crochetkid75, titled 'Great blog post' (the third one down) - they sound like an awesome person!

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