Monday, 12 November 2012

Reasons to Be Cheerful

1. It's National Short Story Week! Check out the website and keep an eye out for blogs promoting short stories. Give me links if you find good ones ;-) I fell in love with short stories a while ago, so  I'm thrilled about anything which draws attention to the form. I've also got Alice Munro's new collection, Dear Life, on pre-order - it comes out on Thursday - so I can't wait to read that. Just the thing to cheer me up when winter is getting me down.

2. I passed my MA - with Merit! It's what I expected, but you can never be sure until you see it; my mind invented all kinds of scenarios that would result in me failing. Doing a Creative Writing MA isn't about the grades, but it's nice to do well and I assume it means I'm a competent writer.

3. I bought an iPad! Well, it was high time I gave in and bought an Apple product. I don't have a smartphone or anything, so it's convenient to be able to check email and other stuff online without having to log on and shut down the computer. Especially since it's the family computer, so someone else is liable to be on there. I'm also hoping to fins lots of fun (preferably cheap/free) apps to help with my writing. Any recommendations...?