Friday, 16 May 2014

Getting Back into the Swing of Things

My eye operation went well: I am neither blind nor dead. My left eye is still a little blurry, but it's getting better and I'm back to reading with both eyes open. I didn't expect the general anaesthetic to have the effects it did...

My side-effects included headaches, a sore throat that has finally subsided and an overbearing exhaustion that reminded me of having the flu or the worst periods of my depression. I've spent over a week on the couch and for the first 4 days, I was too tired to read or even watch much TV. After that, I was more motivated to do stuff, but too tired to do much at all. I was bored and more frustrated than usual!

But now I'm alert enough to blog, read and join the world again, I think my enforced downtime was exactly what I needed to recharge. Yes, I hated being so unproductive, but it made me think about how much I love writing and what I plan to do over the summer. I'm kind of excited to resume writing.

I've still got to take it easy, since I'm not back to 100% yet, but I never thought that feeling like crap for a week could make me more dedicated to my writing career!


  1. I had missed your earlier post. I am so glad the operation went well and you're on the road to recovery. I love how it has made you excited about resuming writing. Take care x

  2. So pleased you're recovering well, Hayley - remember to be kind to yourself for as long as it takes!

  3. I'm really pleased the operation went well, although you should be careful to take it easy for as long as you need to. It's fantastic that you feel even more motivated. Wishing you all the best with making a full recovery. xxx

  4. Thank you, Rosemary and Joanna. Don't worry — I'm still taking it easy!

  5. Oh, I had missed your earlier post too. Anaesthetics can do funny things, but hopefully you are over the worst. Eye surgery is so delicate and complex, and really makes you realise how medicine has progressed in recent years. The thought of becoming blind is terrifying to most people, I'm sure. I guess therefore you have a new appreciation of life and health, when you've faced those kinds of fears. Take care. x

    1. Thanks, Joanne. I'm definitely over the worst, though still a bit under the weather :-)