Saturday, 30 May 2015

Too Busy to Be Scared

I've been saying this a lot recently, but it's worth repeating: the best way to deal with fear is to take action. The fear is still there, but it gets pushed into the background and gets less of your attention. I think this is why some of us thrive on tight deadlines: you are forced to take action or freeze. Taking action is the lesser of these evils, so you take action.

Sometimes, giving yourself a tighter deadline is the best option. That's why I gave myself a couple of weeks to set up and publish the first guide (out on Monday from Amazon — shameless plug!). Perhaps I could have done a better job with more time and given the project more polish, but I would have also given myself more opportunities to get scared. By announcing the project and acting on it so quickly, I forced myself to take action instead of giving attention to the fear.

I've done a similar thing with another new project: a blog called Resurfacing and Rewriting. The website is already set up at and I will start blogging on Monday 1st June. The blog is aimed at people in a similar situation to me, who have mental health problems but have recovered enough so that they want to pursue their goals and get back into the world. I view it as a bridge between mental health resources which target people who are currently in the worst throes of mental illness and general self-help resources. Some of the posts will be relevant to anyone who wants to improve their life, of course, but the majority will apply mainly to people with mental health issues.

I still intend to blog here for the foreseeable future — partly to give myself an outlet for talking about difficulties with setting up a new blog! I also like that this blog is more personal, having started as a hobby, whereas Resurfacing and Rewriting will have a more professional slant. I don't have it all figured out, because my new mantra is "take action" even if I haven't planned every detail!


  1. I agree that somehow making yourself get on with something often silences some of our worries about undertaking the project - and once we get going there's no room in our minds to add to those concerns.

    1. As further proof, I managed to enter 2 short story competitions this weekend — I didn't have the time to talk myself out of it as I usually do!

  2. Well done on being proactive, Hayley - all the bes twith everything!