Monday, 1 June 2015


Today is a big day for me: my first ebook, The Scatterbrain's Guide to Getting (and Staying) Organised, is published on Amazon UK  and and I have started my new blog, Resurfacing and Rewriting.I always find it strange when something I have been working on is revealed to the world, because the work has already been done. The feedback I get (or lack of it!) will influence my work in future, of course, but in the meantime there is nothing I can do.

I veer between feeling anxious about how my work will be received and feeling eerily calm as I tell myself it's out of my control. I try to use the anxiety to fuel the next pieces of work, to push myself to do better, but I also have to try to maintain a balance so that I don't get too intimidated by the thought of how future pieces of work will be received. Being anxious can help you thrive under pressure, but if you get too anxious it stifles and paralyses you.

Hence I will try to enjoy today and not worry too much about whether anyone will read my work, or if they will like my work. I will celebrate the fact that I have put my work and myself "out there" in the world. I will keep reminding myself that, in a small way, this is part of my dream. So I will launch and keep launching and urge you to do the same!


  1. I share that sense of veering between calm and anxiety, Hayley, so fully sympathise with how you feel. It's fantastic that you have launched your guide - enjoy a very happy, well-deserved publication day. xx

  2. Have just downloaded your book, Hayley - congratulations on getting it out there!

    1. Meant to say, I've also tweeted your post.

    2. Thank you and double thanks, Rosemary:-)