Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Resurgence of POWER MONTH!

I'm feeling more energetic after my slump. I have written 40,000 words of my 70,000 CampNaNoWriMo target (though I might have cheated a little by including 6,000 words I wrote in the couple of weeks before... It was less demotivating than lowering my target!) and I'm more determined than ever to hit the target. The whole point of tackling my CampNaNoWriMo project is to  silence my inner critic by writing so much that I don't have time to pay attention to it. In theory, anyway! I can start critiquing my work after I hit the target and/or have a completed first draft of my novel.

I'm putting my next Scatterbrain Guide on hold. My novel is my priority and if I forced myself to write the Guide and publish it at the beginning of August, I doubt the quality would be up to my usual standard. I'd rather take a few extra weeks than charge people for a substandard ebook. It was a difficult but necessary decision to make. I'm disappointed, but when I launched Power Month I didn't expect to spend two weeks feeling like crap and neglecting my goals.

Power Month has been difficult, but I feel like it's pushing me forward towards my long-term goals. Here are some lessons I have learnt (so far) from Power Month:

1. You can't control hayfever, humidity headaches and feeling generally crap.
2. Stressing about the above will just make things worse.
3. You can adjust your goal (or how you measure it). It doesn't mean you have failed; it means you have reassessed the situation and are taking appropriate action to ensure you are as productive as you can be.
4. Worrying about not meeting your goals is a colossal waste of time. As is worrying about the amount of time you spend worrying.
5. You can work around feeling crap/worrying and still hit your targets.
6. Focusing on churning out a lot of words makes you less inclined to obsess over the quality of your writing.
7. Regardless of whether I hit my CampNaNoWriMo target, it feels pretty good to have written 40,000 words!

My new blog Resurfacing and Rewriting is going well, which I'm especially pleased about because it's a project very close to my heart: a positive blog about mental health and recovery from mental illness. Please check it out — there is plenty to explore regardless of whether you have mental health problems or not, including book recommendations. I like to think it's helping to break down the stigma surrounding mental illness and encouraging everyone to discuss mental health more openly.

Power Month is proving to be different from what I expected, but I have gleaned a lot of positives from the changes to my plan. It's difficult to assess while I'm still in the throes of Power Month, but I think it has been a success.


  1. YEAH 40K! That's awesome ^^

    I think reasonably adjusting your expectations and goals is just fine, and absolutely doesn't count as failure.

    I also think putting your one book on hold to make sure it meets your quality expectations is good.

    1. Thank you :-) I gave myself a day off yesterday, because I was exhausted. I think my mental health problems make me paranoid about laziness; when I haven't been able to do things because of depression and anxiety, some people think I'm just being lazy. That's partly why I'm prone to perfectionism and having high expectations for myself, too.

  2. You're doing so well, Hayley - that's a great achievement and your book will worth waiting for.

    1. Thank you :-) I'm trying to be kinder to myself! For the next week, it's going to be all about hitting my CampNaNoWriMo target and I don't care if I get nothing else done XD